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Arch Wood Protection, Zelam and Diacon Technologies to trade under the Lonza umbrella

June 24th 2016


In order to provide brand clarity and better present the full range of wood protection technologies, Arch Wood Protection, Zelam and Diacon Technologies will be trading under the Lonza umbrella.

Arch Wood Protection has been part of Lonza since the acquisition of Arch Chemicals in 2011. However the ongoing structure of Lonza’s wood protection business has recently been consolidated within the Coatings and Composites group of Lonza. The Coatings and Composites group includes a range of material protection technologies and performance additives serving a wide array of industries in addition to wood protection.

In August 2015, Lonza acquired Zelam Limited, a research-focused chemical company based in New Plymouth, New Zealand who specializes in preservatives for engineered wood products which is a rapidly growing sector. Zelam also develops and manufactures products for crop protection such as fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and specialty nutrients.

“Acquiring Zelam strengthens our R&D capabilities and gives us access to new products, including mouldicides, termite treatments, and patented delivery systems. In particular Zelam is a leader in the development of glue-line treatments for engineered wood products. This acquisition increases our knowledge base in key areas and improves our access to technology and skilled personnel,” said Frank Kicklighter, Lonza’s Global Head of Wood Protection.

In November 2015, Lonza acquired Diacon Technologies Ltd., a privately owned anti-sapstain chemical and service business based in Richmond, BC, Canada. Diacon is a leading supplier of anti-sapstain chemicals and delivery systems. Diacon brings a product portfolio including Mycostat™, a family of cost effective anti-sapstain and mold-control formulations; DiaplexTM, an industry-leading spray application equipment; and Smart Flow™, a unique software tool to automate and monitor the chemical application and equipment.

“Diacon’s technology complements our AntiBlu® line of mold and stain protection products, strengthens Lonza’s global initiative in mold control and supports our role as a leader in the anti-sapstain treatment market,” said Mr Kicklighter.

Lonza will now encompass the following brands:


Arch: Tanalised®, Vacsol®, Tanalith®, BARamine®, Antiblu®


Zelam: Taratek® IP, Permatek® 100 Encaps, Azotek®


Diacon: Mycostat, Diaplex, Smartflow


As part of the re-branding of the wood protection business, communication to customers will now feature the Lonza logo. We will also be moving to the new Tanalised® logo, which features a more contemporary look.