Latest Generation Tanalith®K Wood Preservative

Our modern Tanalith® K Wood Preservative, based on a unique combination of micro emulsion delivery system with a carbon based biocide that has over 70 years of proven performance in protecting timbers around the world against the threat of decay or insect attack, particularly those used in ground contact applications.

Our patented application technologies add to these impressive performance credentials of Tanalith with our latest generation product, delivering a more consistent and effective preservative penetration into the timbers. This combination delivers an even greater assured, long term protection for fencing, viticulture and utility post and pole products.

Latest generation Tanalith is applied in a controlled, high pressure water based industrial process and leaves the treated timbers with an initial neutral colour that blends into any outdoor environment.

On exposure to sunlight the Tanalith treated timbers quickly turn to a warm honey-brown or tan colour and eventually weathers to a natural silver grey.


Overview – PTB-Tanalith K- Overview

Composition – PTB-Tanalith K-Composition

Termite Resistance – PTB-Tanalith K-Termite Resistance

Fungal Resistance – PTB-Tanalith K-Fungal Resistance

Fire Performance – PTB-Tanalith K-Fire Performance

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The Tanalith® Family

Next Generation Tanalith® K is part of the Tanalith® Family.

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