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Tanalised® The symbol of durability

Tanalised® has been the leading treatment brand for hard working outdoor wood products in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia for well over 60 years. The Tanalised® brand and its associated “diamond’ symbol are the two most recognizable marks of durability in wood protection. With a recent 70 year anniversary, in New Zealand, we have given the Tanalised® symbol a fresh new look for durability in treated timber.




Tanalised® Treated Timber

With an enviable position built on the reputation and performance of our Tanalith® and Vacsol®  treatment solutions, treated wood products carry the Tanalised® brand as a symbol of proven durability and performance.

Latest News:January 8th 2018

Glue Laminated Timber Bridge

Tanalith® Q and glue laminating technology produces engineered wood bridge spanning 40 metres through the forest in Taiwan.