Timberlink brings innovation to the outdoor timber market with Vacsol® Azure Low Odour

August 5th 2016

Low Odour

Following concerns from timber merchants and other retail customers in Australia, Timberlink asked Lonza to help them develop a genuinely low odour LOSP H3 treated timber product to give their customers an improved product experience. The result is Timberlink Green Low Odour, which was successfully launched in Spring 2015. Timberlink Green Low Odour timber is treated with Vacsol® Azure Low Odour, our latest version of the successful azole based Vacsol® LOSP range.

While customers have always appreciated the dimensional stability and appearance of LOSP, the odour has sometimes been an issue.

The development process took 12 months and required dedicated effort from the Lonza R&D team including formulation work, efficacy testing, compatibility testing and numerous treatment trials.

“Delivering an improvement like this requires a surprising volume of technical and validation work. We have been very fortunate to partner with Timberlink and benefit from their commitment, operational expertise and strength in the market” said Peter Carruthers, Marketing Manager for Asia Pacific.

Low Odour is an example of how listening to customers and developing collaborative partnerships results in true innovations and helps ensure our industry will grow well into the future. If you are interested in the Vacsol® Azure LO, please talk to your account manager.