Vacsol Aqua Case Study

Ultrajoist Construction Timbers

House builders, Malcolm Allan of Aberdeen had long been seeking a solution to moisture and shrinkage problems encountered with traditional building timbers within their house designs. They found the perfect solution with UltraJoist ‘super dry, stay dry‘ dimensionally stabilised timber and put the product to good effect in their housing development project at Westgate, Inverurie.

The project, involving 300 new private houses, has seen the distinctive blue UltraJoist used exclusively for all construction timbers – joists, studding and roofing components. Its unique properties, moisture protected and preservative treated structural timber product with independent certification, solved so many issues for the company.

UltraJoist timber is first kiln dried to an average 12% moisture content and then treated with VACSOL Aqua. The treatment repels water – helping to keep the average moisture content to a maximum of 14% during transportation, site storage and through to installation. The reduced moisture content reduces the damage caused by shrinkage of timber used in heated buildings and especially in timber framed buildings.





Latest News:June 24th 2020

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