Preservative Protection Families

Trees are our most valuable natural resource. They capture and lock in carbon dioxide and help generate the oxygen we breathe. Throughout Europe commercially grown softwood forests are responsibly managed and more trees are being planted than harvested. When timber is harvested we need to protect it, making sure we make the most of its unique beauty and adaptable properties and it has an extended service life wherever it is used as a construction material. Lonza has pioneered the development of preservative products and application technologies to allow the very best short and long term protection against the threats of mould, stain, fungi and insect attack.

Tanalith Family

High pressure treatments for building, fencing, landscaping and engineering timbers.

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Vacsol Family

Low pressure treatments for joinery and construction timbers and timber frame materials.

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Antiblu Family

Dipping treatments for short term protection against moulds and stains.

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