A New Choice For High Performance Heavy Duty Timbers

Tanasote™ S40 is a hot oil based wood preservative containing copper and innovative organic co-biocides. It has been purposely designed to deliver a service life of 40 years plus, whilst minimising the risk of early failures*. It has been developed to be used for timbers that endure the most demanding environments such as utility poles and railway sleepers.

In April 2021, Tanasote™ was launched in Europe following Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) authorisation. This authorisation was granted following the wood preservative passing stringent risk assessments, as well as generating extensive data and studies to prove that it is effective against wood destroying fungi and/or insects.

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*Depending on commodity, desired service life, timber species and application, service life requirements can vary. For more information on service life of different commodities please contact us.

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Performance Testing

Whilst the EN Standards have played a significant part in the development of Tanasote™, to prove real world performance in the most demanding of environments we have engaged in additional testing in copper-tolerant field test sites as well as laboratory fungal studies. Testing of water-repellent properties has also been undertaken.

A Focus on LCA

Looking specifically at utility poles, independent Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) results show that  Tanasote™ treated wooden poles were the lowest impact pole type when compared against other materials.

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