TANATONE is a brown colour additive that can be used with TANALITH wood preservative within the treatment process to add a built-in colour alternative. TANATONE treated timbers have all the same preservative protection properties as TANALITH treated timbers.

Over time the brown colour of TANATONE will gradually fade. If required the colour can be refreshed with a brush-on colour product. Always follow the manufacturer’s full recommendations.

TANATONE treatment is perfect for rough sawn fencing and landscaping timbers but can also be used on planed decking or cladding timbers. TANATONE treatment eliminates the need for brush applied colour at the point of installation.
Technical details for TANATONE additive and TANATONE treated timber are available in our Knowledge Centre.

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Latest News:May 6th 2021

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TANASOTE S40, Lonza Wood Protection’s new oil based wood preservative, has gained Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) authorisation.