Anti sap-stain Solutions


Antiblu® mould and sapstain control products provide effective protection from unsightly mould and sapstain on freshly sawn timber, logs, veneers and wood composites during transport and storage. Antiblu® is suitable for use on products that are destined for either the domestic or export markets. Antiblu® is be applied using spray or dip application, our engineering team is able to assist with development effective application equipment

Antiblu®  375 Anti-sapstain is a copper based formulation ideal for protection of packaging and industrial wood products.

  • Well proven and robust anti-sapstain treatment based on copper quinolinolate.
  • Reliable, cost effective and easy to use.
  • Suitable for short to medium term protection in domestic markets.

Latest News:March 29th 2019

Lonza Celebrates A Proud 24 Year Journey with Sabie Poles

This year commemorates the 24th anniversary for Sabie Poles and concurrently celebrates a long-standing 24-year relationship with Lonza